About Us

The Holly Baking Story

Located in the heart of Sonoma County, Holly Baking has been making baked goods and candies since 2004. Debby Dyar, President of Holly Baking, was inspired to create her own line of authentic biscotti while her son was studying abroad in Italy. She immersed herself in the baking world, and soon realized that her true passion lies in creating unique baked goods. After great success with the introduction of Viva Sonoma Classic Biscotti, Debby and her business partner, Phil Chernin, introduced a full line of classic recipes under the Holly Baking brand, a subsidiary of Moon Dance Baking Inc.

Today, the award-winning line of premium biscotti and cookies produced by Moon Dance Baking Inc. includes: Holly Baking Cookie Brittle, Holly Baking Chocolate Chip Cookies, Holly Baking Butter Cookies and Viva Sonoma Biscotti.

Debby Dyar, President

Debby started Splendido Biscotti in the early 90’s to bring the authentic taste of Italy to the States. After selling the company in 2004, she had the opportunity to form Holly Baking. She has always had a passion for traditional baking styles and enjoys developing new recipes that favor the “Classic” way these products are prepared. In fact, many of the recipes Debby has perfected have come from her own family’s recipes.  She continues to put her heart into making Holly Baking the highest quality producer of cookies and biscotti on the market.

Phil Chernin, Chairman of the Board

Phil comes to Holly Baking with a unique background. Prior to his work in the baking/food industry, Phil specialized in accounting and finance. Drawn to the industry in the early 80’s, he started his journey with Bruce Aidells Specialty Sausages, which he helped successfully launch as a leading national brand in the grocery industry. Phil then moved on to working with La Tempesta Biscotti, which put biscotti on the map in the states. Debby and Phil then joined forces and Holly Baking was born. His flair for marketing and his strategic understanding of the baking industry has brought Holly Baking that magic “ingredient” to help create a great brand, loved by by consumers and retailers alike.