Chocolate Peppermint Cookie Brittle 6 oz.


Holly Baking Chocolate Peppermint Cookie Brittle is a deliciously crisp and buttery chocolate peppermint cookie that we drench in bittersweet chocolate and then top with crunchy peppermint candy pieces. It’s a perfect combination of creamy smooth chocolate and crunchy peppermint cookie that tastes like heaven. Cookie Brittle is a family recipe that we made in Mom’s kitchen over 30 years ago. It’s made with only real, quality ingredients – no preservatives or artificial flavorings. We want to share this original cookie with you!

*Please Note: This is a chocolate-dipped product that is heat sensitive. As a result, we are unable to ship this product during the summer months (typically May-September). We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you.

Weight .375 oz